No Matter Where You Are...Enjoy the Break You Deserve!

No Matter Where You Are...Enjoy the Break You Deserve!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Part Time Weekend Nanny- Evanston

Evanston family looking for a part-time weekend for two young children. Guaranteed 10 hours per month, with extra hours on occasion. Schedule will be at least 2 weekend nights per month, typically 5:30-11, and dates will vary month to month and agreed upon with parents.

Ideal candidate is warm, engaging, energetic, great communication, and has experience with toddlers. The children are 2 1/2 and 1 years old. Family would love someone who can commit for AT LEAST 1 year, but ideally longer. Great position for local college/graduate student.

$15+/hour DOE.

As always, all candidates of Alter Ego Concierge must be legal to work in the US, speak good English, have a minimum of 3 years private home experience, and excellent references. To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to or call 312-802-2337.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nanny Cams: Do or Don't?

Allowing anyone to work in your home is a very personal decision, as it is such an intimate setting. Combine that with entrusting this individual to care for your children, and you'll commonly encounter some "parent paranoia." Completely understood! But before you run out and purchase the latest "nanny cam", just what are they? "A Nanny Cam, or Nanny Camera, is a hidden video camera that has been secretly installed within a common household object. A nanny cam is usually used to secretly monitor and record the activities of home caregivers, hence the name "Nanny Cam" although it has its usefulness to overtly or covertly record any activity. The receiver can be connected to a VCR or DVR recording device or can be a portable receiver-screen which can be carried room to room by parents to keep an eye on their children. Nanny Cameras can even be hooked up to an Internet broadband connection for remote viewing while at work or in vacation" ( Now, we have our opinions on both sides of the argument, but consider these points as food for thought and let us know what you think:
  • It is indeed legal in all 50 states to use a hidden camera. However, it is ILLEGAL to record speech without a person's consent in the following 15 states: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington (
  • Many caregivers are very put off by families using nanny cams without telling them first. It does not necessarily mean they are doing anything to give a cause for concern, but many feel that it shows a lack of trust for the person who you are supposedly "trusting" to care for your child.
  • A good way to test your babysitter? Just ask them their opinion on nanny cams! Many won't mind, many will, but it's always good to understand where they are coming from. Additionally, asking doesn't mean you have to install a nanny cam. The idea of it many prevent abuse and show just how serious you are about the job.
  • If you are suspicious, there are other options than the nanny cam. Perhaps it's a good idea to randomly "drop in" during the day, or have a neighbor do the same. Also, take notice of how your nanny interacts with your child. If your child is ecstatic every time the nanny arrives, it's a safe bet that your child is in good care. The same test isn't necessarily true of an opposite reaction: you may just have a child who prefers his/her parents.
  • Utilize the web. Sites such as and are a great way for parents in the community to contribute feedback on behavior they see--positive or negative.
No matter what method you choose, every parent has the right to feel protective of their child and want only the best care. Always perform a thorough background check regardless of who "referred" your nanny to your family as an extra cautionary step. Make sure that your nanny is not overworked and tired, as that is an easy way for anyone to lose their patience and perhaps have a lapse in judgment. If you are ever unsure whether to report your nanny to the police, read It is always better to be safe than sorry, and so if the relationship is constantly in question then it is probably best to go your separate ways.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Part-Time/On-Call Nanny/Teacher/Family Assistant

Update to Family Assistant Position in Northfield (

Family in now seeking a teacher or someone with a similar work schedule interested in on-call babysitting for twin boys (entering 8th grade). Mother has to travel often for work and would love to have a great teacher to babysit during those times. Schedule varies but may be a few days a week or you may have several weeks off at a time. Must be able to drive & have own car, and spend the night occasionally. Duties include homework help, school pick ups & drop offs, and dinner preparation. Job may be split among 2 people.

If interested, email your resume to or visit us online at Start date is September 1.