No Matter Where You Are...Enjoy the Break You Deserve!

No Matter Where You Are...Enjoy the Break You Deserve!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Personal Security Forum

When we received an invitation for a personal security forum on June 10, Caitlin jumped at the opportunity to go as personal security is one of our primary concerns as a domestic staffing agency. HUB International, an insurance/risk management/wealth management firm, was the host and they have always set themselves aside in their industry for taking such extraordinary steps to educate their clientele on protecting themselves and their assets. We regularly receive such emails and would not turn down an opportunity to learn more, especially from HUB International.

Mike Guidry of The Guidry Group and Dr. Thomas Hargrove were the guest speakers, and could not have been better choices to present on Hostages, Kidnapping, Ransom, & Extortion. Dr. Hargrove was a kidnapping survivor himself, having been held hostage for 11 months by Colombian Narco-guerrillas of FARC, which is the most dangerous terrorist and drug organization in Latin America. Mike Guidry is a security expert and the President of The Guidry Group, a security company geared towards protecting, consulting, and training both corporate and individual clients throughout the world. 

In addition to normal preventative measures one might normally take, such as carrying travelers checks and wearing special clothing to disguise passports and credit cards, Mr. Guidry and Dr. Hargrove enlightened us with ways we may never have realized we were making ourselves targets. 

For one, when you arrive in your destination city: DO NOT have your driver or car service list your name and/or company on a sign waiting for you. This is just an alert letting terrorists know that you are in town, and is an easy way to make your identity even more publicly accessible.

Second, DO NOT attempt to go in unfamiliar territory. Simply put: do not take the scenic route and always stay with a group if possible. Do not walk in isolated places at night, even if you are in a group.

Look into K&R insurance for yourself and your family- but don't broadcast that you have it. This too will make you more of a target.

Thanks to HUB International, Mike Guidry of The Guidry Group, & Dr. Thomas Hargrove for an interesting and informative presentation. If you would like contacts regarding K&R insurance or others from HUB, feel free to email us and we'll be happy to put you in touch.

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